Tzanatos Tsimaras

Tsimaras Tzanatos was born and raised in Athens, where he currently resides. He studied film direction (Stavrakos School), theatre (Athens Drama School G. Theodosiadis) and art history (E. Vakalo).

He initially worked as an actor in theatre, television and film. He retired in the mid-1990’s and returned on the stage in 2012 – exceptionally.

Since 1985 he has also worked as a radio producer for music and talk programs (Radio 5, Tik-Tak FM, ERA 2 Era Sport, Planet), and as a journalist in publications and magazines (Power, Click, Metropolis Press,, and others). He has written scripts, as well as lyrics and poetry. In recent years he worked in television, either as an editor-in-chief or a copywriter (Millionaire, The Weakest Link, and others).

He emerged as a playwright in 2004 with the text ‘Exodus’, part of the modular play A Dream’s Odyssey (D. Dimitriadis, N. Dimou, M. Politopoulou, E. Pegga), which was staged in the National Theatre of Northern Greece (University Press publications). In 2009, his play Never Together (based on Fatih Akın’s film Gegen die Wand/Head On), was staged in Kinitiras Studio.  Both were directed by Chrysa Kapsouli, and performed by the DameBlanche group.

In May 2013, his play Suspence was presented at the National Theatre's "Readings", directed by Vassilis Noulas and performed by the Nova Melancholia group.

In December 2013 – in collaboration with HIV-positive detainees and drug users in Corydallos prison and MKO TECHNODROMO – his play -C- was presented; it was meant to be performed by the prisoners themselves, inside the prison.

In March 2014, Suspense was staged in London by Anastasia Revis’ Theatre Lab Company; it was in the form of a monologue, translated by Elsi Sakellaridou and directed by Jason Warren.

His latest play, Miss Misery, was presented in October 2014 at the Art Theatre’s - Karolos Koun “Readings”, directed by Aspa Tompouli.

Suspense (HERODOTUS publications) was staged as a complete performance in November 2014, at the ANGEL STEP. It was directed by Vassilis Noulas/ Nova Melancholia.




Miss Misery, 2014

-C-, 2013

How Many Animals Constitute a Man?!, 2012

Miss Misery-The narrative, 2011

Suspense, 2010

Never Together, 2009

Exodus/ A Dream’s Odyssey, 2004



Miss MISERY, 2014

3 men - 4 women

-C-, 2013

8 - 10 men

How Many Animals Constitute a Man?!, 2012

2 men - 1 woman (or 3 men)

Suspense, 2011

1 man - 1 woman (or 2 men)

Never Together, 2009

3 men - 2 women

Exodus, 2004

2 women



Sakellaridou Elsi, Professor Emeritus of Theatre Studies, AUTH