Soldatos Υiannis

Yiannis Soldatos was born in Lefkada. He is the writer of History of the Greek Cinema and the manager of Aigokeros publications. He has also written and published the following books: In Aries Constellation (Aigokeros publications, novel), Horror Stories (Aigokeros publications, short stories), War Stories (Aigokeros publications, short stories), The Riddle (Kastaniotis publications, novel), Eva, the Vampire Darling (Aigokeros publications, novel), Love Underwater (Kedros publications, novel), Fallacy (Aigokeros publications, novel), Eleni: 5A Liosion str. (Aigokeros publications, short stories), Dionysus, King of the Mountains (Kastaniotis publications, novel­), Lovestruck Train (Aigokeros publications, novel), The Apache Invasion (Aigokeros publications, novel), Oedipus at Brothel (Aigokeros publications, short stories),  Greek Cinema, a Century (Kochlias publications, panorama), Alexis Damianos (Aigokeros publications, critical biography), Jean-Luc Godard (Aigokeros publications, critical biography), Brief History of the Greek Cinema (Aigokeros publications), A Man of All Trades (Aigokeros publications, critical biography of Thanasis Veggos), Bodies' Odysseys in Nikos Koundouros' Work (Aigokeros publications, critical biography), Cinema, Dadaism, Surrealism (Aigokeros publications), The Mark of the Cross (Aigokeros publications, photography book), History of Nudity in Cinema (Psichogios publications, history album) etc.  

He has edited the monographs of Aigokeros publications and Thessaloniki International Film Festival: Nikos Panagiotopoulos, Thanasis Vengos, Alexis Damianos, Ntinos Dimopoulos, Vassilis Georgeadis, Kostas Sfikas, Vasilis Raphaelidis, Ntinos Katsouridis, Mpampis Aktsoglou, Antonis Moschovakis, Nikos Kolovos, and others.

He has directed 40 episodes of the series: "The Adventure of a Poem" (Aigokeros production, ET2). The movies: Theofilos Tsafos' Apology (Aigokeros production, ET2), Steps (Aigokeros production, ET2), The Riddle (Aigokeros production, ERT, EKK, FASMA), Love Underwater (Aigokeros production, ERT, NEW STAR), The Lives of Saints (Aigokeros production, MEDIAVOX), Fiodor, the Player (Aigokeros production), Apache Invasion (Aigokeros production). The documentary A Man of All Trades (Aigokeros production, ET, EKK, National Documentary Award). The short A Saturday Night (Aigokeros production, EKK). 5 documentaries under the general title "Castrologist", a reference to Fotis Kontoglou (ET1 production). 4 episodes of the series "Pages with View" (ET1).  The documentary Nikos Koundouros' Athens (Periplous production, ET).

He has been a professor of Cinema History in cinema and drama schools, general assistant of the National Film Critics Association and president of the Association of Book Publishers.


Holy Whore, in Kipseli Studio, 2014

Mary, as in Holy Mary, 2013

Apache Invasion, 2013

Holy Whore, 2011

I am not Going to War, 2011

The Hopeless Lovestruck, (1st title) 2010

Fiodor, the Player, 2009

Poe, 2009

Ten Years Later, 2008

Model, 2008

Massage, 2008

Sex and Politic in the Greece, (The detective and What the Maid Saw) 2008

When Alexandros Papadiamantis met Georgios Vizyenos, (1st title: The Consequences of Old History) 2006, 2008

When Skarimpas declared war against Chalkida, (1st title: Lobberangels) 2006, 2008

Saint Antonios Arto, 2006




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