Rapi Nina

Nina Rapi is a bilingual playwright (Greek-English).  She also writes short stories & critical essays. 

Nina Rapi's plays include:  Angelstate; Splinters(Un)certainties; Wild Beats/Άγριες Νότες; Kiss the Shadow; Reasons to Hide; Edgewise/Ακροβασία; Lovers; Dreamhouse; Dance of Guns; Ithaka, as well as a number of shorts. Her plays have been produced or presented as staged readings at venues such as: Southbank Centre (London Literature Festival), Soho theatre studio, Lyric studio, Tristan Bates (Modern Greek Plays Festival/TheatreLab), ICA, Riverside studios, Gielgud theatre/West End Shorts/New Play Festival & University of Oxford [U.K.; National theatre & Theatro Technis (Festival Analogion), Theatro Empros (Queer Festival), Aggelon Vima [Greece]; Portugal (Estaca Zero Teatro, 10X10 Festival) & India (Bits Festival, Pirani). She is the recipient of two Arts Council writing awards, a group award (Raymond Williams), a Best Play Award (BITS Festival, India), High Recommendation (Future Perfect competition). She has also been shortlisted in numerous competitions, including BBC international short story competition.

In 2019, her play Angelstate was published in Greek, Slovakian and Italian and presented in Athens, NovaDrama Festival, Slovakia & Napoli International Theatre Festival, Italy. Her short play Breath of Freedom from Splinters was published in the literary journal Lichtunger (Austria).

In 2018, (Un)certainties was presented as performed reading at Theatre of Piraeus. Splinters was produced in Athens and Thessaloniki (Theatro Argo & Theatro T respectively), as well as at Simpkins Lee Theatre, University of Oxford. It was also translated in Polish. The same year, her libretto Raven Revisited was produced at Theatro Voyiatzis (an earlier version was performed at Onassis Cultural Centre, SGT, in 2014).

In 2017 The Oberon Anthology of Contemporary Greek Plays was published in London and included her play Angelstate.  In 2016 she was the writer-of-honour at the festival Open Stage of the municipality of Thessaloniki. In 2015 her play Wild Beats was produced for the second year running and Angelstate had a performed presentation by Vasistas.

Her latest collection of short stories is State of Fugue/Katastasi Fougas  (Kedros, Athens).

Essays on her work by other writers and essays by her on aesthetics and sexuality have been published by Cambridge University Press, Routledge, Mimesis Edizioni, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Harwood Academic Press, Oberon, Sokolis, among others. 

N.R. has taught Creative Writing at the Universities of London and Greenwich for many years.  She was also the Editor-in-Chief of Brand Literary Magazine, throughout its duration. 

More @ www.ninarapi.com 

Photo: Yannis Katsaris



(Un)certainties, 2018

Splinters: 7 shorts, 2018 & 2017

Raven, libretto, 2018 & 2014

You're just a butterfly… 2016 (short)

Angelstate, 2015  & 2006

Out of body…  2015 (short)

Wild Beats/Agries Nόtes, 2014 & 2015

Love, yeah!    2014 (short)

Kiss the Shadow, 2010

Akrovasia, 2010  & as Edgewise 2003 & 1997 

Mrs Jones Matters, 2010 (short)

Reasons to Hide, 2009

Gentle Persuasion, 2006 (short)

Tricky, 2001 (short)

No Trouble, 2001

Lovers, 2001

Josie's Restrooms, 2000 (short)

Edgewise, 1997

Dangerous oasis, 1993 (short)

Dance of Guns, 1992

Dreamhouse, 1991

Johnny is dead, 1991 (short)

Ithaka, 1989

Critical Moments, 1989 (trilogy of shorts)



(Un)certainties, 2018

3 male - 2 female

Splinters, 2017

2 male - 2 female

Angelstate, 2015

3 male – 4 female

Wild Beats, 2014

2 female – 2 male

Kiss the Shadow, 2010

3 female – 3 male – 1 either

Edgewise, 2010

3 male – 3 female

Reasons to Hide, 2009

2 male – 3 female

No Trouble, 2001

3 male – 3 female

Lovers, 2001

1 male – 4 female



Karantzas Menelaos, Dramaturg - Theatre Director