Pontikas Marios

Marios Pontikas was born in 1942.

He holds a degree from the Athens University of Economics and Business.

He has worked for a long time in the advertising industry (as a copywriter –creative assistant.

He has adapted Greek prose works for the television (Lost Spring by Stratis Tsirkas, Love came one day late by Lili Zografou etc).

His plays have been staged at: Karolos Koun Art Theatre (Marriage), The National Theatre of Greece (Trombone, Rationale, Spectators), STOA theatre (Spectators, Internal News, Look at Them, The Cheese and the Mousetrap, The Panoramic View of a Night Work, Lot’s Wife- the play was first staged at Theatriki Skini Antoni Antoniou, with the title entitled So Be It), Thessalian Theatre  (The Will, National Holiday), National Theatre of Northern Greece (Lot’s Wife) and in many other theatre halls, among which many student, regional and amateur ones.

He has published two collections with prose works (Nursing Home Escapee, Keyhole and Other Stories) some of which had been pre-published in literary journals.

In 2004, his play Laius’ Murderer and the Crows (an attempt to re-read the Oedipus myth and Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex) was staged.  The performance, directed by Y. Anastasakis, was produced by STOA theatre and participated in the ΧΙΙ International Meeting on Ancient Greek Drama at Delphi –European Cultural Centre of Delphi.  It was also staged by the Cyprus Theatre Organization, directed by Lea Maleni.

His dramatic text Cassandra Addresses the Dead was presented at the 2nd International Meeting on Ancient Theatre in Sikyona (August 2006), in a dramatic reading by Theodoros Terzopoulos. In 2007, it was staged at ATTIS theatre, directed by Terzopoulos.

In 2010, in collaboration with photographer Nikos Panagiotopoulos, he participated in the event “God eating- Man eating”, which was organized by The Society for the Study of Cultural Difference.

In August 2011, he and Th. Terzopoulos read extracts from his new play Neighing at a stage reading in the 3rd International Meeting on Ancient Drama in Sikyona.

In 2012, Gavrielides Publications issued his books Hurray – an anthology of short stories from earlier publications – and Follies(and a wisecrack).




Neighing, 2011

Cassandra Addresses the Dead, 2007

Laius’ Murderer and the Crows, 2004

Look at Them, 1990

Punctuation Marks, 1990

Lot’s Wife, 1983

Rationale, 1987

The Wedding, 1980

Internal News, 1980

Spectators, 1979

The Will, 1977

National Holiday, 1987

Trombone, 1973

The Cheese and the Mousetrap, 1972

The Panoramic View of a Night Work, 1971







Rationale, 1987

6 male – 5 female

The Wedding, 1980

8 male – 5 female

Spectators, 1979

2 males-2 females



Raptou Eleftheria, Theatrologist and PhD candidate of Architecture, NTUA