Moustaklidou Artemis

Artemis Moustaklidou was born in Thessaloniki, Greece where she still lives. She graduated from the Library Department of the Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki and the School of Drama, Aristotle University Thessaloniki. In 2006 and 2007 she attended Play Writing and Acting classes at the Theatre Workshop Ouga Klara. During the last two years she has been employed as a Drama/Theatre Teacher in Elementary Schools.


In 2012 she was awarded the First State Prize for New Playwrights from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture for her play The Threat. The Greek Art Theatre “Karolos Koun” included the play in their repertoire for the season 2013-2014. On the same year she writes her new play The Four Square Metres which is based on the short story A Place like an Open Heart by Freddy Germanos.



The Four Square Metres, 2013

The Threat, 2009




The four square metres, 2013

3 male - 3 female

The threat, 2009

1 male- 1 female



Petrakou Kiriaki, Professor at the Faculty of Theatre Studies at the University of Athens