Dimou Akis

Akis Dimou was born in Amaliada. He studied Law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where he also completed a postgraduate course in Civil Law and Criminology.

The monologue “… and Juliet” was his first play to be staged in 1995. Since then, 24 of his plays have been presented on various theatre venues (state or other); four of his plays have been adapted from novels by Alexander Dumas (The Lady of the Camellias), Konstantinos Christomanos (The Waxen Doll), Maria Iordanidou (Loxandra) and Menis Koumandareas (Koula). In 2012, and in collaboration with Giorgos Kimoulis, he adapted for the stage Theo van Gogh’s and Theodor Holman’s screenplay “Interview”. A lot of his plays have been translated into English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and have been presented in theatre venues in the UK, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. His complete works in Greek have been published by Egokeros Editions.

Since 2008 he has taught Dramaturgy in Andreas Voutsinas School of Drama.

He lives in Thessaloniki.

[Photo: Petros Stasinos]



Nothing in person, 2015

Othon and Pothoula, 2012
What a Fake Horror!...Oresteia the next generation, 2011
Go; Sleep, if I’m late, 2011
Loxandra (stage adaptation of the homonymous novel by Maria Iordanidou), 2010
Koula (stage adaptation of the homonymous novel by Menis Koumandareas), 2010
If the Moon could Hear, 2009
Sandra under the Light, 2008
Tonight we dine at Jocasta’s, 2008
Night of Secrets, 2007
The Faded Blood (stage adaptation of the novel “The Waxen Doll” by Konstantinos Christomanos), 2007
Marguerite Gautier is Travelling Tonight (stage adaptation of the novel “The Lady of the Camellias” by Alexander Dumas), 2005
Destiny, 2004
A Light for Every Darkness, 2004
You Remind me of Kisses, 2002
Centuries away from Alaska, 2001
The Identification, 2000
Andromache or a Woman Landscape at the Height of the Night, 1999
A Hands’ Teardrop, 1999-2000
The Crumb of the Water, 1999
Put out my Laughter, 1998
Flowers for the Lady, 1998
The Music Tonight, 1997
Samantha and Max in the Bottom of the Asphalt, 1996
“… and Juliet”, 1995







Rosi LIna, Assistant Professor Department of Theatre Studies University of Patras