Dimitriadis Dimitris

Dimitris Dimitriadis was born in Thessaloniki in 1944. He studied theatre and film in Brussels from 1963 to 1968, and it was in the Belgian capital, in 1966, that he wrote his first play; The Price of Resistance in The Black Market was directed by Patrice Chéreau in 1968 and staged at the Theatre d ' Aubervilliers, Paris.

His first novel (Dying As a Country) was published in 1978, a collection of poems (Catalogues 1-4) in 1980, and a play (The New Church of Blood) in 1983. A large number of works  followed: Anthropody - The Assignment: Prelude to a Millenium (novel, 1986),  Catalogues 5-8 (poetry, 1986), Elevation (play, 1990), The Unknown Harmony of the Next Century (play, 1992), Catalogues 9 – The Terms (poetry, 1994), The Beginning of Life (play, 1995 – staged that year by  Stefanos Lazaridis at Notos Theatre), The Stunning of Animals Before the Slaughter (play, 2000 - directed by Yiannis Houvardas at Notos Theatre), Oblivion and Four Other Monologues (plays, 2000 - the monologue Oblivion was staged at the Petit Odeon in Paris, in 1998, by J.C. Bailly, also in 2001 at the Theatre de Bobigny by A. Dimitriadis and a year later in  Attis Theatre by T. Terzopoulos), Catalogues 10-12 (poetry, 2002), Anthropody 1 and Anthropody 7 (novel, 2002 – won the State Prize for Novel in 2003), Settlement Proceedings (play, 2003 –  directed by Yiorgos Lanthimos and staged at Notos Theatre), and others.

The French Odéon theatre paid a tribute to Dimitris Dimitriadis in the 2009-2010 season, as did the Onassis Cultural Centre in 2013 with performances, directed readings, presentations and discussions. His play The Circle of the Square was presented at the Festival D’Avignon in 2014, directed by Dimitris Karatzas.

He got systematically involved with the translation of prose works –  Jean Genet, Georges Bataille, Witold Gombrowicz, Maurice Blanchot, Gerard de Nerval, Balzac, Bernard-Marie Koltes –, as well as the translation of plays –  Molière, Euripides, Jean Genet, G. Courteline, Tennessee Williams, Shakespeare – for various theatres. After 1980, he closely collaborated with "Agra" publications that have issued the bulk of his work and, more recently, with "Saixpirikon", a publishing group based in Thessaloniki.



The Man, 2017

Reaping, 2016

In Chorus, 2015

Stroheim, 2015

Civilization: A Cosmic Tragedy, 2013

Evacuation, 2013

Around the World, 2006

Interest, 2010

Phaethon, 2009

Cassandra’s Annunciation, 2009

The Circle of the Square, 2009

Chrysippus, 2008

Touching the Seabed, 2008

Insenso, 2007

Homeriad, 2007

Settlement Proceedings, 2003

Oblivion and Four Other Monologues, 2002

The Stunning of Animals Before the Slaughter, 2000

The Beginning of Life, 1995

The Unknown Harmony of the Next Century, 1993

Elevation, 1991

The New Church of Blood, 1983

Dying As a Country, 1978

The Price of Resistance in the Black Market, 1968



Poulou Angeliki, Dramaturg

In Chorus by Dimitris DImitriadis

Mountraki Irene, Dramaturg - Theatre critic