Fylaktaki Peny

Born in Greece, Penny Fylaktaki is a playwright, scriptwriter and translator.  She holds a BA (Honours) in English Literature from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, an MA in Translation (Distinction) from the University of Surrey, UK and a PhD in Theatre Translation and Cultural Studies from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has attended a long-distance study programme on Creative Writing at the College of Creative Arts, Manchester, UK, a series of seminars on “Screenwriting” at the International Film Festival of Drama and a one-year course in playwriting at the ITI Institute of Athens.  

So far, she has written 17 theatre plays and three film scripts. She has been awarded the National Prize for Playwrights by the Greek Ministry of Culture (2004) and the 1st PanHellenic Playwriting Competition Award by the Screenwriter’s Guild of Greece (2017). She has represented Greece in the Forum of Contemporary Dramaturgy “Tribute to the Balkans” at the Hellenic Centre of ITI (2014) and the Greek Play Project New York (2018). 11 of her plays have been staged since 2004 in Athens, Thessaloniki, in many cities all over Greece as well as in London, Oxford and New York.  Her plays “The Championship”, “The Building”, “So What?”, “Greek History Lessons”, “Lucrezia: Sinner and Saint”, “Like Father Like Son” and “Seaweeds” have been translated in English and Spanish.

Her feature length film Luger is currently in post-production opening, while her adapted screenplay from the novel “Machiavellian Love” is in the pre-production stage. 

Since 2001 she has been teaching Playwriting, Creative Writing and Literary Translation at the Creative Writing Postgraduate Programme at the University of Western Macedonia, in the Postgraduate Programme of Creative Writing in the Hellenic Open University, in the Department of English Language and Literature, AUTH, and in the Postgraduate Programme “Language, Literature and Intercultural Studies in the French and European world” at the School of French Literature and Language, AUTH. 

She lives in Athens and has two daughters.

More: www.panagiotafylaktaki.gr


Lucrezia: Sinner and Saint, 2018

Lava, 2018

Swan Lake: The Legend, 2017

Seaweed on the bottom, 2017

Peppa's dream, 2016

Seven, 2016

Peter Pan and Princesses - The Magic Filter, 2015

The Kid, 2015

The Name and the grace, 2014

My beloved family, 2013

The Building, 2012

Like Father Like Son, 2012

A crepe for the gallows, please, 2011

Contemporary Greek History Classes, 2009

Lysistrata 2017, 2007

The Will, 2004

The Championship, 2004

So, What?, 2002




Delipetrou Evdokia, Dramaturg - Phd Candidate

Seaweeds by Peny Fylaktaki

Mountraki Irene, Dramaturg - Theatre critic