Olympiti Olympiada Maria

Olympiada Maria Olympitou was born in Athens, grew up in Samos and Patmos, but her origins go back to island Kalymnos. She spent her childhood reading millions pages of literature, poetry, plays and Science in the libraries of her home island, overlooking the Icarian Sea. She graduated school in Athens, she studied by famous painters for years, while during the first year she was studying Journalism and Media she discovered that there was no point in giving exams for the School of Fine Arts. So she decided to attend Vakalo School. Already charmed by the history of literature and the multilayered movement of Enlightenment, she became a student of two faculties. She began working as a journalist in 1999 in ERT, while the last 11 years is the chief editor of information programs, with special love in kaleidoscopic interviews, historical tributes to the great ERT’s material, elections and "despite over" a story. She met spiritual and wonderful people; she was involved in deep conversations and she feels lucky that she became a journalist and a manic theatre lover. She did a training ride passing by magazines and radio. She became a heroine in Trivizas’s books, she wrote recipes for children. When she will get older she would like to become a writer and to share her life between Athens and the heaven of Patmos.

In GPP she is charge for the column "Constellations".

Contact: olympiadamariaolympiti@gmail.com