3-0-1 TRANSPORTS, 2000

4 male & 4 female

Elena Penga

The play takes place at the entrance of a residential building in Athens of 2000.  The entrance is this in-between place, separating the outside world from the homes of the individuals.  In this entrance, a concierge, like a modern fate, follows the ins and outs of 7 characters.  Two apartments in the building change residents.  As the old residents move out, new ones move in.  The concierge witnesses the old world moving out and the new world moving in her building.  What connects all individual stories is that all people move to change their lives for better.


Two street-wise movers, with the names Feng and Shui, transfer the belongings of these people inside big boxes.  The boxes function as memory apparatuses.  They open during the play to reveal the kind of baggage human beings collect.  Literal objects, and metaphorical ones.  Memories, desires, opinions on politics or religion, beliefs.


The issues in the play revolve around the themes of home, movement, immigration, and time.  Locating recent changes in contemporary society and lifestyle, the play celebrates the transition from an old, familiar, but fading world to a new and unknown one, that is pregnant with welcoming or not welcoming surprises.

It has been translated in German by Martin Scharnhorst, and its German translation is going to be published by Queich Verlag, Berlin, Germany, in 2014.


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3-0-1 TRANSPORTS, 2000

4 male & 4 female

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We die without having learned so many things

Maxim Gorky, Franz Kafka, Kostas Giannidis, Nelly’s, Käthe Kollwitz, Lorca,...