Narcissus, 2011

Monologue for one male actor and 15 men volunteers

Elena Penga

A fresh take on the well-known myth of the young man who falls in love with his reflection, with fatal consequences.  In Narcissus, the multiplication of the image of the self is presented both as a question of existential order and as a sign of the times. Bound to an era in which developments in the technology of image production, processing, and reproduction has disturbed our relationship with the Ego, the contemporary man – and, by extension, contemporary Man – is brought face to face with his dead ends.

Written in Greek, it has been published by Queich-Verlag, Berlin, in German, Greek and English in 2011.  The French translation is going to be published in France in cahiers de La Maison Antoine Vitez in 2014.



Woman and Wolf, 2013

4 male – 4 female

Narcissus, 2011

Monologue for one male actor and 15 men volunteers

Phaedra Or Alcestis, 2007

3 male - 4 female

Who are our new friends?, 2006

4 male – 5 female

Nelly’s takes her dog out for a walk, 2003

1 female actress – 2 dancers (1 female and 1 male)

When the Go-Go Dancers dance, 2002

1 male, 1 female, 1 Go-Go boy, 1 Go-Go girl

3-0-1 TRANSPORTS, 2000

4 male & 4 female

Gorky’s Wife, 1995

3 male, 2 female



We die without having learned so many things

Maxim Gorky, Franz Kafka, Kostas Giannidis, Nelly’s, Käthe Kollwitz, Lorca,...