I Would Like to Meet You, 2008

2 males - 1 female

Maria Papalexi

The play follows – in a somewhat unusual way – the life of Constantis, a wandering musician who lived through many and was loved a lot. Constantis is a person who moves between the real and the imaginary, just like the heroes of fairy tales and traditional poems. We first meet him during his passage to the Underworld, but the memories of the living summon him back and – before the eyes of spectators – his whole life unfolds. Joys and sorrows alternate on stage, as the events that have marked the hero and those who knew him take place. Songs and tunes accompany his reverse path from his final hours to his childhood. Every moment finds its musical expression within the vast range of tradition, and every tune helps turn past memories into present life. It is the memories that ultimately achieve what seems impossible; driven by memory and having the songs as fellow travelers, Costantis finds his way back to life ...


[Theatre for adolescents and adults]



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I Would Like to Meet You, 2008

2 males - 1 female



Maria Papalexi is a dramaturg with experience in speech therapy and dramatic play and, since 2008, she has been involved in this unique form of the...