The threat, 2009

1 male- 1 female

Artemis Moustaklidou

A couple lives secluded in his apartment. The woman never leaves the apartment when the man only leaves it for his job and the absolute necessities. The Television is the Center of their world. They live through it , it consists their safe way out to the outside world. When suddenly a foreign family moves in the apartment next door, they start panicking . They are deliberately staying locked at home and they listen, terrified, the noises from the apartment next door. Even when they run out of food, they have no choice but for the man to go for the needed supplies, they are to get all the precautions so not to be noticed.

At some point the noises stop. All talks become silent and the daily baby crying stops. The woman decides to go out secretly and learns that the neighbors have left their apartment. The man, however, believes that they all conspire against them. They decide to stay closeted, in the safety of their apartment. The threat of the outside world becomes increasingly more paranoid.



The four square metres, 2013

3 male - 3 female

The threat, 2009

1 male- 1 female



Micro-scopic and Macro-scopic perspective: two one-act plays by Artemis Moustaklidou


Τhe one-act play by Art...