The four square metres, 2013

3 male - 3 female

Artemis Moustaklidou

In the future, in the aftermath of a nuclear war, 5 people are caged in an oblong room of a few square metres: two women, one young man, a grandfather and a grandmother. They are the lucky ones; they survived the war and deserve four square metres each. Outside the building there are others, less fortunate, lurking to get their position. The obey uncomplainingly the rules from the Central Command Office that regulates everything. They ensure order, distribute the quantities of food and give them 2 small pills to take daily so to avoid the effects of radiation. But is it certain that they need the pills? Does Central Command tell the truth? Any doubts will take the back seat when the grandmother dies. The Grandfather mourns inconsolably, while the three others are panicking: their priority is not to allow anyone new to take their space. Their plans will be reversed and will be forced to suffer the punishment imposed by the Central Command Office.

The play is based on Freddy Germanos’ novel A place like an open heart...



The four square metres, 2013

3 male - 3 female

The threat, 2009

1 male- 1 female



Micro-scopic and Macro-scopic perspective: two one-act plays by Artemis Moustaklidou


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