Ro’s Dream, 1997

Minimum number of actors: 8

Stella Michailidou

Letter Ro is given without realizing it the magic potion of shelfisness; Ro rebels and claims the first place in the alphabetical sequence of letters. Some letters become his allies as they want to react to Alpha being always the first letter. They decide to abstain causing big distress to the words. Grim as well as two other evil spirits are behind all these; they  use the magic potion of selfishness to drag the world in the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance. Thankfully, the malicious plan of Ro’s implacable enemies does not succeed and this is how the unity of the alphabet letters is rescued.



Menios, the Spoilt Donkey, 2007

Minimum number of actors: 4

Tzitzimitsihotziria, 2005

Minimum number of actors: 7

Ro’s Dream, 1997

Minimum number of actors: 8

Walking in the Forest, 1992

Minimum number of actors: 6

Isadora Duck, 2017

10 actors/dancers




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