Playmobil, 1989

6 male - 1 female

Panagiotis Mentis

A group of economically and socially marginalized young people set their minds on committing an act of violence; they plan and accomplish the abduction of a businessman, demanding ransom to release him. Without realizing it, they will find themselves captives and trapped in their own plan; these people initiated a violent act with no real goal or political agenda, and without having really given any thought about the consequences their action. Their whole venture gradually starts to remind the progress of a game that is assembled through the random, the unexpected and the unanticipated move from each one of the team’s members. An act of violence reminiscent of a sectional game for children, made with playmobil blocks. The reckless heroism will turn into a nightmare. Without realizing it, these people will come to the point where they will be forced to manage and secure their own release from the hostage situation. Through their personal conflicts, the ones with their hostage, and the stalemates where they will be driven, as their ignorance on the risks of their violent act becomes evident, they will eventually invalidate any kind of relationship between them. Shortly before their inevitable surrender, they will commit a crime. This outcome may have been inevitable, but what the play – written in a time when violence had drastically made its appearance in Greece – actually negotiates is the anatomy of the violent act.



Away, 2003

3 male -1 female

Women at Sea, 2002

3 male - 2 female

National Gallery, 2000

5 male - 4 female (5 actors)

Foreigners, 1998

6 male - 4 female

La Cumparsita, 1997

1 male - 1 female

Reality and Show, 1996

3 male - 4 female

Anna, I Said!, 1992

3 male - 4 female

Playmobil, 1989

6 male - 1 female



[Translation Elena Delliou]


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