Reality and Show, 1996

3 male - 4 female

Panagiotis Mentis

This play was written in response to the shaming of people through the reality TV programs; shows that were and still are watched by large audiences, in Greece and throughout the culturally "developed" world.

A mother and her daughter fall in love with the same man; one who exercises the violence of his “macho” foolishness on them.

The heroes’ relationships mirror the ones developed between people who were deprived of any opportunity to gain any knowledge and insight on humanity. Empty and void societies can easily fall prey to those who decide to exploit them. The masses always follow the way that is pointed, and the game’s rules are simple and understandable. The level of quality falls lower and lower, the spectacle becomes increasingly vulgar, and there’s more and more blood in the arena.

The protagonists are driven to total humiliation without being able to take back any control. There, at the bottom, they will only find shame; the shame that will become the end of the thread which will, in turn, allow them to find the minimum light that the lowered shutter of the French door lets in.


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Reality and Show, 1996

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[Translation Elena Delliou]


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