A massive explosion, 2011

13 men, 13 women, neighbors' chorus, a sheep

Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou

Giorgos watches Star Wars on TV and he feels that he is the chosen one, the hero, the savior of the universe. He envisions a future full of heroic actions, astral projections, spiritual guides and coy princesses. However, when it's time for him to cross the threshold of his house, the truth is different. Crooks, thieves, liars, friends who claim to support while they dig your hole in the ground, women who make your heart bleed, a miserly life of sticking price tags on cans of tomatoes, a cheap architecture of cement and wires that erases every part of the sky, power plays and revenge games, but above all, a constant loneliness and a feeling of being nothing more than a big fat zero. It's the moment of the realization that the world is not always humane. The moment that this massive explosion occurs, hurting us and scathing us, but eventually resuscitating us and bringing us back to earth.


Concrete Beach, 2013

4 women, 14 men, 2 mice, 1 mirror, 1 car, 1 computer and characters who only appear on video art: 1 woman, 5 men, a fireplace, Advertisement, the Elevator

The king's secret, 2012

2 men - 3 women

A massive explosion, 2011

13 men, 13 women, neighbors' chorus, a sheep

Violence lessons - Just the truth II, 2007

6 men, 6 women, 1 monster, the Devil

Cockroach, 2004

2 minimum



[Translation: Elina Palaska]

Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou's dramaturgy has a very clear and basic theme: the ind...