Lullaby, 2020

2 male - 1 female

Delina Vasiliadi

In the one-act play “Lullaby” a mother who has lost her child is found sitting on a bench at the edge of a cliff staring at the sea. She stares, but she doesn’t see. She is disconnected emotionally from this world, trying to find the strength to survive and go on. Right beside her is her son. Her talks to her but she doesn’t listen. They try to communicate, but it’s impossible. The woman sings a lullaby that she used to sing to her child. And although she believes this to be comforting and liberating, in fact the song, each word, each note causes more pain and suffering.

Can / must loss be overcome? Must we try to move on when life seems to have ended? When all faith is gone, when our worst fears have actually come true, where do we stand and what can or are we supposed to do?

The play “Lullaby” has been written during the corona virus inclusion (spring 2020) and is included at the collective literary volume (ten writers) “Εν αρχή ην το τέλος” (“In the begging there is the end”) that will be published this fall (2020) by Anemoessa Publishing House. The theme of the volume is “The end of the world” and there was a word restriction (max 3.000 words). The purpose of this book is a public benefit one. Part of the money raised by this publication will be donated to the Street Magazine “Shchedia”.



Lullaby, 2020

2 male - 1 female

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