Seabed, 2017

2 male - 2 female

Natalie Katsou

When Stella starts receiving incomprehensible letters, she turns to Paul, husband of her missing sister, Lydia, trying to decipher the meaning. Are these signs and traces of Lydia, or is it some sick joke? Their relationship gets complicated and the questions multiply.

What happened to Lydia when she left for the documentary in Egypt? Will she return or do they have to carry on under the shadow of an endless waiting?

At the other end of the city, Richard, CEO of a big fashion brand, falls for his new secretary. Magnolia seems to be the only one to handle the much anticipated deal with the arab investors. As he gets entangled in a dangerous game, something fatal rises: a secret that Richard thought was long buried in the seabed.


(2016, Vakxikon Publications 2017.Translated in English by Angeliki Boura)

Produced at 3rd Festival of Contemporary Greek Playwriting (Artistic Director: Leia Vitali) at Aggelon Vima Theatre (April-May 2017)


Commodity, 2014

1 actor/ actress

Seabed, 2017

2 male - 2 female

Flying Asparagus, 2009

1 male - 2 female

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Monologues for 1 -3 actors

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12-15 ensemble