Commodity, 2014

1 actor/ actress

Natalie Katsou

How would it feel to be part of a wall? What if I turned into a window? Or maybe I could be a bathtub?

Starting from a natural movement, the contact between foot and floor sparkles a process that numbs the senses as we know them as humans. Or, rather, it transposes them through a hypothetical journey of multiple selves under one denominator: the shape refers to necessary elements of everyday life, achievements of human intellect and action, products with use value and a meaning further to the conscious contact. This spiral transfiguration of the same material, hides the return and the request for clarity. Or, maybe many people are simultaneously looking to fit in and match.

Commodity (Original text: 2014, in English. Translated in Greek by Angeliki Boura, published by Vakxikon Publications, 2017).

Text for 1 performer, male or female, or for an ensemble.

Presented at Analogio Festival 2017 (Artistic Director: Sissy Papathanassiou) at Theatre Technis, Frynichou Street, directed by Lilly Meleme in September 2017, followed by performances at Michalis Cacoyiannis Foundation in December 2017-January 2018.

First presentation at Greek Voices Festival produced by Theatre Lab Company (Artistic Director: Anastasia Revi) at Riverside Studios, London,directed by Becka Mc Fadden (March 2014).


Commodity, 2014

1 actor/ actress

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