My Left Breast, 2006

4 male - 3 female

Despina Kalaitzidou

How Much Pain Can the Breast Cause to Heart When It Exists? If it doesn't exist? This play was written around Stella's left breast, but extended beyond that, to her skin, her hair, to the people around her ... As her doctors say "If Stella was a skater, she would had come to an end, but she is human and can still stand. "


Miss Chaos, 2019

1 female and voice over

The Burning Ones, 2010

4 male - 5 female

My Left Breast, 2006

4 male - 3 female


The Burning Ones

The Burning Ones. Through its very title, dramatic and prophetic at the same time, Kalaitzidou’s award-receiving play brings together the ...