Andronikos or The Artist, 2015

1 male

Evridiki Pericleous-Papadopoulou

The work and life of the important but unkowny cypriot painter Kostas Stathis (1913 - 1988),  inspires the playwright. Inspired by the painter's life, the play records the intense conflicts the Artist had with his father because of his passion to  become a painter. It also focuses on his troubled life.

After returning from a trip with his father to Athens, Andronikos devotes his life to painting, isolated in his village. In the course of the monologue, time merges with the present and the past, where a dialogue develops with himself and with persons who have marked his life vigorously.


Andronikos or The Artist, 2005

2 male - 3 female - secondary parts

The Storm Era, 2009

2 male - 4 female