My Beloved Washing Machine, 2005

1 male - 2 female

Antonis (Cyprus) Georgiou

The play is comprised of three monologues, each written in different styles, sharing a common thematic axis and connected through internal references. 

The first monologue is titled Jocasta at forty. Jocasta narrates her own side of the story, asserting her right to life and love, despite knowing by now that Oedipus is her son.

In the second monologue, Chatters, a common woman who had been given the name Jocasta, but is now called Nitsa, after a chance encounter with an old friend, reminisces about an old affair with the said friend’s son.

The third monologue, titled My Beloved Washing Machine, is about a mature solitary man who addresses his washing machine, while waiting for a phone call from a young handsome waiter he has recently met. He looks back on his life, reveals that in the past he had been collecting his lovers' underwear and expresses the desire to write a play titled My Beloved Washing Machine. 



- French (Michael Volkovitch) published in Mon lave-linge bien-aimé (Éditions théâtrales), 2008

- Italian

- Hungarian in L’ Europa Sulla Scena, Europa A Szinpadon, Fondazuine Salvatore Quasimodo – Instituto Italiano di Cultura di Budapest, 2007

- German (Marinos Agathokleous)

- English (Maria Kyriakou)


The Disease, 2008

1 male - 1 female

Uncle Yannis, 2017

4 male - 2 female, 1 cat

La Belote, 2012

5 male - 1 female



From 2005, when Antonis Georgiou made his debut (with his play My Beloved Washing Machine) until the beginning of 2019, when this text was...