La Belote, 2012

5 male - 1 female

Antonis (Cyprus) Georgiou

The play takes place in Cyprus, at two different time lines: around 1998, the time of a huge stock exchange soaring, and around 2010, the start of an economic crisis and also a peak in betting activity, appearance of online casinos, etc. A group of four friends (Stelios, Michalis, Panicos, and Costas), aged around 30, meet every Saturday, at their hangout and play “belote” (a card game). Michalis’s brother, Modestos, a senior high school student joins them. They discuss various matters: women, the card game, the stock exchange, politics, their dreams. Stelios, exuberant and optimistic, is the centre of attention. We meet the same group in 2010, around a table again, playing belote. Stelios is however absent; he was killed a year ago. The game is interrupted by Margarita, Stelios’s widow, who has something quite serious she needs to say to them.


- English (Anthi Zachariadou)




The Disease, 2008

1 male - 1 female

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4 male - 2 female, 1 cat

La Belote, 2012

5 male - 1 female



From 2005, when Antonis Georgiou made his debut (with his play My Beloved Washing Machine) until the beginning of 2019, when this text was...