The Price, 2012

1 man – 2 women

Lena Kitsopoulou

At a supermarket a couple cannot decide what to buy and what to leave. They are obsessively looking at the products’ prices and they no longer know what is really useful. We gradually come to realize that it is not a plain supermarket. The parents went there to buy a child, as they cannot have one. There are babies at all prices, depending on their nationality and their flaws. The dark-skinned children of the third-world countries are the cheapest. The blind ones, too.  In the end the parents buy a dead child, to save up money. At the register the man puts his wife on the counter and, in despair, he hops on as well, scanning his genitals, asking the cashier hopelessly what he owes. 



Is she really the most important "angry" playwright of her generation, an original representative of the Greek "in-your-face" dramaturgy? Up to now...