N-euro-sis, 2012

2 men – 1 woman

Lena Kitsopoulou

A zoom in on authority systems. A family – mother, father, fourteen year old son,- eats on the table. The parents repress one another. The father asks for salt, the mother thinks he shouldn’t eat salt. The father asks for the saltshaker, putting a gun to her head.  The pressure the son goes through, about what he is supposed to eat, what he is supposed to do with his life for his own good (that is essentially the good that satisfies the parents) lead the child to desperation and apathy. The parents want their son to be good at swimming, because he has an aptitude for it, and they lie to a relative about him winning a medal. They force him into wearign a bathing suit and a swimming cap, and give him one of his father’s old medals, so that they take pictures of him to show to their relatives. In the end the child kills himself and his parents are praising him for having the power to take a brave decision for himself. During the preparation of his suicide, his parents are giving him tips on a successful suicide.




Is she really the most important "angry" playwright of her generation, an original representative of the Greek "in-your-face" dramaturgy? Up to now...