The end of summer, 2000

3 men - 4 women

Yiorgos Iliopoulos

In the forest of a small town, a quirky group of friends who grew up together, have a shelter : the "Ark." It is a wooden hut on a tree. For Christos, his sister Aggeliki - whose dream was to become a singer, Maria - a Pontic Russian hair-dresser, Alekos -an abandoned child, and Gianna - a provocative and aggressive woman, the "Ark" is something more than a hut. It's a place cut out from the city's life, where they can be free. They can be themselves.

This night is special. Christos - a student that has repeated the same grade many times - manages what seemed to be unachievable: he succeeds in getting into Medical School. Tomorrow, him and his sister will leave for Athens. That is why the gang has prepared a farewell celebration. Christos, thinking he has to settle all of his affairs before he leaves, finds the courage to reveal to Chara, his childhood love, how he feels about her. In an earlier time, Chara was a member of the group, but growing up she realized the power of her beauty and she left them to have an affair with Nikos- the town's bully. Chara visits the Ark to reveal to Christos that she too was in love with him, all these years. At that moment Nikos appears, along with his father's gun...

The situation will turn out of hand pretty soon, and all the barriers will be broken. This is the night when everyone will walk hand in hand with their greatest fears.


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