Seven, 2016


Peny Fylaktaki

Christos Nezeritis, a drug addict and an outcast, lives near the port of Piraeus and the hardships of his life resemble those of Christ. During the Holy Week, Christos is humiliated, meets Magdalene, the girl he loved, who left him for a rich man and was actually the reason for his drug addiction, is betrayed by a friend who nails him to the police as terrorist, is arrested and dies in jail from overdose given to him by a police officer. After his death, his soul wanders but he’s not welcome in Heaven because he has no money, nor is he welcome in Hell because –to them– he’s immoral. Therefore, his soul returns to his body for Resurrection and Redemption to follow, in places faraway from where he was born.

Βased on M. Karagatsis “The holy Wekk of the Junkie” from the short story collection To Megalo Synaxari.

[Translated by Vasiliki Gkekina]



Aspects of Peny Fylaktaki’s theatre

MAN We lost.

WOMAN  Friendly game?


Seaweeds by Peny Fylaktaki

Peny Fylaktaki is a playwright with a dynamic presence in the Greek theater over the past fifteen years. She holds a PhD in Theatre Translation and...