Great Rock Bands Never Break Up, 2003

6 women

Yiorgos Iliopoulos

Afroditi turned 40 and she just got divorced. Determined to make her life from scratch, as "it was supposed to be," she decides to form the female rock band she and her friends had when they were studying in London.

According to her, the band could have made history, had their lead singer, Eleni, not betrayed them to have a solo career.

All the friends have gathered on this night, not in London, but in Athens. It has been 20 years. Many things have changed, relationships have been compromised, a lot of life has gotten between them, but Afroditi feels strong and she can face all these difficulties and resume her career in music where she left off. The rest of the band members accept, asking only for one thing : that Eleni too can be part of the group.


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