2nd Chance, 2004

3 men - 1 woman

Yiorgos Iliopoulos

Two brothers decide to leave the accounting office they are managing and retire. The frail and older Mimis and the younger Antonis have never been married. This first one because he spent his life taking care of his brother, and when he had an accident that nearly cost him his life, he missed his opportunity during the other's long way to recovery. Now the latter owes him and feels obliged to take care of his older and frail brother.

The deal seems to work up to the time a new night nurse is hired to take care of Mimis. Antonis falls for her, and considers this love a second chance to the life he never lived, a point of view that Mimis does not agree with, reminding Antonis of his debt to him and his duty to take care of him, now that he needs him.

The battle between the two brothers begins.


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