Disco Electra, 2017

2 male - 2 female - Chorus (15)

Glikeria Basdeki

On a disco stage, with the ghosts of Electra and Orestes prowling, young Electra is dancing with her friends. Her mother cohabits with her new lover, her father was killed after falling from the stairs, her friends are snakes, her school is lousy and boys at the parties hurt her like a knife through her heart. Trying to find the courage into the injustice, she follows the steps of ancient heroines and seeks revenge for the things that are to blame, but most importantly for all that she thinks that are to blame…


[Translated by Evangelia Toliou]


Glikeria Basdeki’s Theatre

Translation: Vasiliki Misiou

I scribble down my own, hasty notes in the margin of the curriculum vitae of Glikeria Basdeki: