Prosperina, 1989

1 male - 2 female

Roula Georgakopoulou

How is a space inhabited? Is a painting just an object? Is the figure of the painting dead?

A woman lives together with two paintings, Tsarouchis’ “Sailor” and Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s “Proserpine”. She lives with them; they keep her company.

The paintings come to life. She talks with them. She looks at them, takes care of them, asks them questions and they answer back in first-person singular, they make remarks, educate her, comment on her writings.

The Sailor, a national and erotic symbol, demands respect, while the Proserpine reverses all certainties, dictates a one-act play to the customer-narrator.

“You write down whatever comes to your mind. You distort my words and you misspell” Proserpine says to the Woman. Art as a subject and the man who imitates it... and not “art imitating life”, conversely. The paintings are in agony of their own existence but also of the woman’s existence, in a surreal and absurd game.

The Sailor will commit suicide later on. 


Overnight, 1984

2 female

Faneromeni, 1989

1 female

Polydouri Road, 2012

1 female, a voice and a cat

Prosperina, 1989

1 male - 2 female




Roula Faneromeni or –This is who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf...


Translation: Elina ...