Blackbox, 2006

2 men - 3 women

Yiorgos Iliopoulos

Peter, a successful 30 year-old, lives and works in New York. Career, money and success: all of this has to be put aside since his father back in a remote, time-forsaken place is dying from cancer. Fleeing from New York because of a panic attack, he returns to his family home to come face to face with his past. A past that Peter has misunderstood.  The father is hiding his secrets well and the son is angry, ready for revenge, since he believes that his father is responsible for his mother’s suicide. The aunt is vainly trying to keep a balance – but violence is ready to erupt between the two men. To the foreground comes a former classmate still in love with him after all those years, now a doctor, and she will manage to unmask the successful profile of workaholic Peter and reveal the child hiding within him. Nightmares and mind-games weave the story of the golden boy that desperately wants to get back at his father. Like ghosts they dance on the stage trying to drive, the already confused, Peter crazy.


The Catch, 2009

4 men - 3 women

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Blackbox, 2006

2 men - 3 women

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