Overnight, 1984

2 female

Roula Georgakopoulou

Two "ordinary" women, a saleswoman and a customer, meet in a place out of touch with space and time, an all-night women's clothing store above the Underground. The customer tries to decide upon her last outfit in a state of urgency, a crystallized image of the body-a new role, while the saleswoman-conveyor of souls retains the image of power and charm of death and rebirth!

Constantly trying on clothes, they channel the whole range of emotions and game techniques, which are essential elements of any rehearsal, either it is a play rehearsal, or a rehearsal of death and change.


Overnight, 1984

2 female

Faneromeni, 1989

1 female

Polydouri Road, 2012

1 female, a voice and a cat

Prosperina, 1989

1 male - 2 female




Roula Faneromeni or –This is who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf...


Translation: Elina ...