In the Name of the Mother and the Son, 2010

7 male - 4 female

Constantine Constantopoulos

After the loss of his parents, Thomas—an actor, director and acting instructor—sets off  to expose the secrets and lies that destroyed bonds and led to a merciless conflict between the members of his family—all prey of a dark past.

 This is journey of self-awareness and redefinition, a quest for happiness and light.
The theatre helps the main character explore his metaphysical dimension, decipher the meaning of life, and live creatively. Time slows on the theatrical stage, and existence defies gravity. The soul ponders forcefully on love and life, and discovers that "whatever darkness devises is known to the light!" Humor is the politeness of despair and as such makes everything hover lightly, thus gaining the approval of the reader-spectator and his participation in this stage game of light and darkness - or, in other words, of life.


The Spirit in Spirit, 2012

3 male - 1 female, video and voices

Of the Son and the Saint, 2011

8 male - 1 female

MantyMEDEA, 2017

1 male - 1 female (and filmed parts)



Translation: Elena Delliou

 “The Screaming Silence of No’s Knife in Yes’s Wound”
 Samuel Beckett