Donna Abbandonata (or, You Made Me Very Sad, My Dear Mr. George), 2014

2 female

Glikeria Basdeki

Two women and (maybe) a hair salon. One of them talks to George Himonas who is not present. The other (maybe) combs someone’s hair and listens to her. Loneliness, the people they avoid, the lights that suddenly go off and instantaneous darkness.

An ostensible monologue with the one we’re all afraid of as its addressee: the poet’s enemy. A monologue about the glorious moment when sadness pours over bodies, minds, the whole province of Kavala.


Glikeria Basdeki’s Theatre

Translation: Vasiliki Misiou

I scribble down my own, hasty notes in the margin of the curriculum vitae of Glikeria Basdeki: