The Catch, 2009

4 men - 3 women

Yiorgos Iliopoulos

A comedy of characters and circumstances, a romantic modern tale. Giorgos is in despair. He needs money. He has borrowed money from all the "wrong" people, and now he must pay them back ... if only he could find the money, everything would be so much easier! However, he cannot find the money... and the clock ticks....

His fiancé offers him a solution. She has heard of a rich heiress, who must marry immediately -before she turns 25, or else she'll lose her mythical fortune. Giorgos is persuaded to present himself as a suitor.

Things are not as he expected, though. The bride is a wickedly obese girl with terrible manners. But it's too late for Giorgos to run away. He stays with her, and discovers that a grisly secret surrounds this creature.

The play -using comedy's unique ways- deals with the current economical status quo. A strong romantic story walks hand in hand with comedy. A question is raised, opposite to the obvious one : "how far would you go for money?"  "How far would you go for love?" Because love often hides where you least expect it.


The Catch, 2009

4 men - 3 women

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