Hairspin, 2008

3 male - 4 female

Eleni Gassouka

In a typical middle-class apartment, a working woman and housewife cares for her drug-addicted son and her demented father, while also attempting to resuscitate her exhausted relationship with her husband, who is cheating on his wife with her sister – herself a follower of a number of leftist deviations. Along with everything else she also has to face the relentless erotic siege of her son’s best friend, and put up with the incessant vocal exercises of the unsuccessful soprano who lives in the apartment above. An inevitable development will force all this "post-modern" collection of individuals grasp the concept of communication.


Hairspin, 2008

3 male - 4 female

God’s Poor Creature, 2012

2 male - 3 female - 1 silent role

Gogo, 2013

1 female - 1 male (silent)

Shut Up, 2016

4 male - 4 female




Translation: Elena Deliou

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