Full House Meze, 1987

3 males - 1 non-speaking part

Giorgos (Cyprus) Neofytou


In this play we follow three friends, former classmates in Athens during the dictatorship, and the evolution of their relationship during a hearty lunch in a small tavern near the demarcation line in Nicosia.

On their return from their studies, they jointly bought a field, with each one promising to later build a vacation home there. Now their emotional connection is exhausted in their student past, since everyone has carved his own way. Eftixios is a doctor, Spyros is a realtor, and Stelios is a clerk. The realtor has found a buyer prepared to spend a lot of money to buy the whole estate, and he wants to grab the opportunity. The clerk, however, refuses because he holds on to the dream of building a cottage in the remaining land that will be his, even if the rest of the property is occupied.

The exquisite and excessive appetizers come round – a ritual of modern Cyprus – and discussions are held in parallel with the incessant drinking and eating. Their good time is interrupted by the gust of a machine gun: a Greek Cypriot soldier has been hit by the Turks.




[Translation: Elena Delliou]


Giorgos Neophytou is an evidently a political playwright. The ...