Manolis...!, 1986

1 female

Giorgos (Cyprus) Neofytou

Manolis…!, subtitled «A Dialogue,» is essentially the monologue of a woman who  addresses her cat.

The play’s only character, a sixty year old widow named Maria, narrates her drama to her only companion; her cat Manolis. Her only son, Manos, was murdered during the 1974 coup d’état in their house’s back yard. Maria has to face her pain, loneliness, and social isolation, not only because her social circle has – conveniently –  labeled her “crazy,” but also because the events that took place during the coup are regarded by the government (state, courts, police?) as cases one should not delve into.

This woman’s confession outlines a paradox in Cyprus’ modern history, where the innocents’ inhibition comes in direct contrast to the arrogance of those who attempted to overthrow democracy.



[Translation: Elena Delliou]


Giorgos Neophytou is an evidently a political playwright. The ...