A day, just like any other day…,, 2015

1 male - 1 female

Lena Kitsopoulou

A day, just like any other day, in one of the many flats in Athens, those that have secure doors and comfy sofas, in a state of frenzy. Or the futility of living.

Simple things, everyday talk between two friends who sit in the living room. Boredom, futility, and decay entrenched in chatter. To let time pass by. To let ourselves forget. Not to feel guilty about leading an unsatisfactory life. A play for “now”, for our times that everything is meaningless and no surprises wait around the corner any more. Outbreaks, rage, failed attempts to escape from ourselves, and our return to the same futile boredom. 



Is she really the most important "angry" playwright of her generation, an original representative of the Greek "in-your-face" dramaturgy? Up to now...