Capnocrator, 2005

4 female

Andreas Staikos

Athens, 1951; a folk neighborhood, after the civil war. Four women –Iphigenia, Lela, Persephone and Georgia– carry on with their own history, their illusions and the dissolution of their expectations for a better life, and while waiting for that, they have their own “grand moments”. A story cloaked in mystery, with cigarettes and the lack of them dominating their lives, and the leading man, Kapnokrator, their tobacco supplier, an omnipresent and omniabsent figure in their lives…


1843, 1990

2 male - 2 female

Karakoroum, 1988

1 male - 2 female

Akolastes Esperides, 2003

1 woman (Monologue)

Napoleontia, 2007

2 male - 3 female



The light theatricality as recreational anguish


Andreas Staikos’ work echoes as a very personal, special and...