Your True Story?, 2013

4 male - 1 female

Chrisa Spilioti

A teenage play based on The True Story by Lucian, the first work of science fiction in the ancient times. A coming of age adventure, full of elements of the ancient Greek literature.

Five teenagers break free from everything and everyone and they sail to the Isles of the Blessed, a mythical and utopian place. On their way they will meet Fellopodaroi, they will be devoured by an enormous monster, they will reach the Moon and go to war with the Sun, they will get drunk at the isle of Dionysus and they will see their expectations be falsely fulfilled at the Isle of Dreams. As they reach the Isles of the Blessed they enjoy true life, but they are doomed to forget everything they have seen and heard on the way back. They are only left with an obscure remembrance that leads them to new paths of realizations and epiphanies.


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Your True Story?, 2013

4 male - 1 female



[Translation: Elina Palaska]

Chrisa Spilioti, an actor, a playwright and a director, is theatre's "new woman", so much a creator as a per...