Who is Sleeping Tonight?, 2010

4 actors

Chrisa Spilioti

Dramatic comedy. The play unfolds in the course of one night in Athens. An activist is asking through her mic at the central square: «Who sleeps tonight?»
Images of the exasperated people, of racist violence, of drugs, cross over with indifference and fear. During the 21 scenes that complete the play, the view of the audience travels through the back streets of paid love to villas at northern suburbs, and from nurseries to the outdoor psychiatric units in the streets. The historical centre and Acropolis are inundated solely by the new permanent residents of the city. The immigrants, the drug addicts, and the furious nationalists that dream of the saviour of the country. A comedy without elements of relaxing or escape, looking not across but straight on to reality. The sense of humour is evoked to diffuse the burden of the sense of dead-end. Hope comes only through what adults can no longer imagine.



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[Translation: Elina Palaska]

Chrisa Spilioti, an actor, a playwright and a director, is theatre's "new woman", so much a creator as a per...