Sabine X., 2009


Manolis Tsipos

An operetta on motherhood, inside the Garden of the Planted Babies, about five numbers, a woman and my mother.

Based on real events.

In August 2005, the Greek newspapers wrote about the case of a contemporary Medea; a German woman under the name of Sabine X. After extensive research the police revealed that – until that time – the arrestee had given birth to 9 children, all of whom were found buried either in her parents’ back yard or inside pots.

All indications pointed to Sabine X.’s hands.

This horrifying event provoked an intense debate on the reasons that led to her dreadful, inhumane acts. The German Press, television, common people, and even the German government, were all preoccupied with this case. However, the story was forgotten as abruptly as it emerged, without a satisfactory answer on what armed the baby killer’s hands.

Sabine X. was left in the hands of Justice. 



Change’s momentum and intensity. A note on the dramaturgy of Manolis Tsipos.