Still Life, For the Glory of the City, 2013

Manolis Tsipos

At a non-defined time – but one we can recognize as being very close to the present day – an anonymous city that strongly brings Athens to mind, under the occupation of a foreign army, becomes the theatre of violent events, broadcasted by a pirate radio station. At the same time, an anonymous voice dictates to a “citizen” to make several interventions on his own body (shaving, castration, sex change…), all aimed at the generation of a discourse with the city, which herself appropriates traditional forms of the Christian Orthodox system. Wild exhortations call upon a chaotic world where humans, animals, objects and materials of all sorts, public buildings, abstractions and sentiments are involved. With no specific characters and no dialogues, the writing flows and is crafted, detached but sensual. […]

Text: Myrto Gondica



Change’s momentum and intensity. A note on the dramaturgy of Manolis Tsipos.