BELLELEN. The (Everlasting) Tragedy of Helen., 2014


Dimitris Finitsis

Hunted by the crisis, not Paris' but that of the economic system, Helen of Troy resorts to the thriving economies of the West, where she sells her still voluptuous flesh.  Adopting the pseudonym "BellHelen" she does pole dancing and promises moments of unyielding passion to the astonished eyes that fondle her. Being very talkative, she explains how she ended up abroad, she talks about her worshiping Venus (even though she has been a servant in Artemis' temple), she praises the greatest love affair in Greek mythology, the one between herself and Paris, and she condemns the grotesque looking Menelaos, revealing he "obtained" her through an arranged marriage. Zeus' daughter is obligated to speak in English; dreadfully touristic. Her main concern is to achieve the absolute seduction of all the half-sleeping men surrounding her. Make them see the person and not the body, she seeks to unleash a part of her soul that has been unbearably silent for ages.


Bellelen: Helen of Troy today

Venus, directly from Olympus (voice over)

Paris, through a love letter (voice over) 

Dioscuri,  from distance and with one voice (voice over)



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1 male – 1 female. In the video: Manager, Secretary, Wife, Sister, Psychiatrist, DA, Reporter

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[Translation: Elina Palaska]

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