Lacrimosa or the unbecoming, 2014

1 male - 1 female

Thanasis Triaridis

Two 22-year-old twin siblings meet, 11 years after their parents’ mysterious disappearance. Their goal is to reenact (playing the respective roles) a mystical ritual that, according to the boy (K) led to the parents’ transition to another dimension. The girl (R), while questioning K’s obsession, agrees to participate with the hope that the (certain according to her) failure of the reenactment will free her brother from the vicious circle of his obsession.

However, when the time for the reenactment of that fateful evening of yore comes, the two "parents" have an idea: to consider their 11-year-old children who, eleven years later (in their 22) will be bolted into their parents’ bedroom in an attempt to make sense out of their disappearance. A game with Russian dolls has launched – one that will very quickly subdue every fact and every truth.

A story about the agonizing search of love in the family. Or a story about two people who impersonate (or revoke?) two other people, who will in turn play their previous selves, and then their next selves – and this will continue perpetually, like the now-old torture of the messengers that had no Kings to serve.




1 male - 1 female

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1 male - 1 female

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2 female

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2 male

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1 male - 1 female

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2 female

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2 characters (2 male or 2 female)

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1 male - 1 female



                                                                                              [Translation: Elena Delliou]

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