La ultima noche or the sharks, 2010

1 male - 1 female

Thanasis Triaridis

During a diving cruise, a couple is accidentally (?) abandoned in the midst of the ocean. In the darkness, A and B are fighting to stay alive until the tourist boat returns to collect them. They talk incessantly to melt away their fear. Life memories, sexual frustration, frantic mutual accusations, mysterious people, and puzzling guilt emerge from their discussion. Sharks swim beneath their feet and eventually start eating them. Something is happening – but it is located in the territory of the unknown.

Suddenly, the lights are switched on: A and B are in their city apartment, weary from the mental project of an equally enigmatic bet. A sexual sore and the agony of its healing are projected as the cause. Their world appears to be rediscovering its deficient order; however, the bet continues. The lights go off again. Are A and B really in their apartment, or are they indeed lost in the ocean? And who are they waiting there? At one point a sexual union occurs, but the blood attracts the sharks. They come hungry, to fulfill with their teeth the deepest humanity.

This play is a wild thriller, the chronicle of an intellectual space-conquest, a psychosomatic mind game, a dream of sexual horror – or even a game with the limits of theatre. Ultimately, it is a story of deep love, from the depths of the human mind.



1 male - 1 female

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2 female

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2 characters (2 male or 2 female)

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                                                                                              [Translation: Elena Delliou]

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